Monday, 11 July 2011

TB Test Certificate Issued

I mentioned briefly in another post about the TB test which is required for anyone wishing to stay in the UK for longer than six months.  Today Janny was in Bangkok to have her test.  Thankfully she was issued with a certificate, but again not without some drama. 
The only office which can issue the TB test certificate is the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) based in Bangkok.  Janny took the overnight bus from Phuket up to Bangkok (12hrs ouch!) and was met by a friend at the bus station who took her to the IOM office.  Janny had called the IOM a week before to book an early appointment.  When she called she was told to bring her passport plus one photocopy, her ID card plus photocopy and also two passport sized photos.  After registering at the office, Janny was told to go to Phyathai hospital for her x-ray.  There are two hospitals which the IOM use for the the x-rays, Phyathai and Bumrungrad. 
Janny took a taxi from the IOM to Phyathai hospital where it didn't take long to have her x-ray done and then back to the IOM.  At this point it was around 12.00 Thai time so I called her from home before I headed to work to see how she was getting on.  First thing she said to me was "I not pass".  Great I thought, nothings ever easy for us.  I don't know exactly what the issue was with her x-ray, but they told Janny to go back and have another x-ray done. 
So again, another taxi ride to Phyathai, another x-ray and back to the IOM.  Luckily this time Janny was issued with a certificate.  I can only presume that there may have been something small showing on the first x-ray and the IOM wanted another just to confirm that there wasn't a serious issue.  I had heard of some people having to go back to the IOM on cosecutive days or even weeks for further tests, so we were both relieved to have the certificate issued.  
So anyway by 15.00 a very tired but relieved Janny was heading back to the bus station with her TB certificate.  When the IOM gave Janny her certificate, they told her to keep it with her when she flies because she will need to present it at immigration. 

So thats another requirement ticked off the list.  Some useful addresses and links as follows:-

TB Test fee: 2600baht
Validity Period: 6 months

International Organisation for Migration
Kasemkij Building
8th Floor, 120 Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: +66 2 234 7950-5
Fax: + 66 2 234 7956

Phyathai 2 Hospital                                       Bumrungrad Int Hospital 943
Phaholyothin Rd                                           33 Sukhumvit 3
Phyathai, Bangkok                                        Bangkok
10400                                                          10110

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