Thursday, 1 September 2011

Almost there.......

It's just over a week before I fly back out to LOS.  I haven't posted for a little while so I thought I'd give a brief update. 
Everything I can include or add to my wife's settlement folder from the UK has pretty much been done.  My sponsor letter which I was putting off until the last minute is now finished, as is Janny's covering letter.  After reviewing the file I decided to add a few additonal documents.  For example I downloaded a copy of the land registry document for my house to add to the accommodation section (£4 from  Other than that I'm fighting the urge to play around with the layout and just leave it as it is.  That just leaves the addition of Janny's documents in Thailand, such as her birth certificate, name change paper, etc to complete the folder.  One of our first jobs when I arrive into BKK is to have those documents translated. 

Janny's had a busy week starting the prepartions for our village ceremony, although to be honest her family back home are doing a lot of the work before we get there.  There's been lot's of ringing around pricing studio photo's, having invitations made and pricing dress rental etc.  In the end it worked out only a little more expensive to actually buy her dress so we'll only need to rent my suit.  I must admit, when we first started talking about the village ceremony a while ago it was basically just a way of gathering more evidence to add to the visa application.  But the more we talk about it and the closer it gets I'm really looking forward to it.  From what she's been telling me, it sounds like it will be a really good experience for both of us and I know she's a lot more excited about it than she's letting on.

So what now?  This weekend I'm going to fill in the online application and save it, ready to submit and print out when I get to Thailand.  The problem being you can only book appointments to submit the supporting documents up to five days in advance.  We need a date for the second week so that will have to be done in LOS. 
I'm sure the following week is going to drag with nothing left to do.  But one thing is for sure, I'm so glad I started preparing everything early rather than leaving it to the last minute.  I'd much rather be sitting here with nothing to do rather than rushing around trying to pull everything together.

Next time you here from me I'll probably be in Thailand, so until then.....



  1. Steve, the village ceremony will be just great!

    It was the best thing I've ever done (I've done quite a few things!). It will be a fantastic day mate, I look forward to seeing the photos.

    Oh and by the way, our tailoring bill for my wife's dress and my suit (in the photos on my blog) was 1,800 baht :-)

    Enjoy your trip and good luck with the visa application. Resist the temptation to muck about with it! lol

  2. Cheers Biff,

    Even though the village thing is only going to be a "small" affair I'm sure it will be an amazing day. Should provide some good content for the blog too :-)
    1800baht was that to rent or buy??? My Mrs went looking at dresses during the week. Fell in love with one which was 10,000thb and with a lot of negociating from her friend they came away with the same dress for 5000thb, sounds like a bargain to me considering what some people pay on wedding dresses. She was showing me the dress on Skype last night and even without all the hair/make-up I can see she is going to look amazing.

    Just have to get through this next week of work then I'm off. Can't wait!!


  3. Good luck with everything. As 'biff' has said to me the village ceremony was a once in a lifetime experience, well hopefully anyway, I enjoyed the whole experience, Thai's certainly know how to throw a party.

    You can actually contact the UK Visa office and explain your situation and they can book an appointment for you which they confirm via email the same as the online appointments, I am in Phuket for a wedding now as this is what my mate had to do due to wedding and work commitments.

  4. 1,800 was to have my jacket and my wife's dress made. We'd already bought the material, locally produced silk, 2,000 baht.

    Things are cheaper up north ;-)

  5. Steve, sorry to spam your comments, just been reading some of your blog entries and was hoping you may be interested in blogging on the site. I Couldn't see a contact me button !!