Monday, 9 January 2012

Thai TV in the UK

Before Janny arrived back in November, I started looking into the availability of Thai TV on the internet as I knew she'd eventually need her fix of lakhorn, movies and music.  At first she wasn't interested, but after five weeks of watching almost nothing other than Come Dine With Me repeats she finally cracked and asked if we could sign up.

So about a week ago we signed up to DooTV.  We decided to go for the basic package of £15 for a three month subscription.  For that price we only get "on demand" recorded shows, but there is more than enough to keep Janny occupied (I gave up looking through the list of movies as there were hundreds) and it seems to update with additional shows every few days.  For a few extra quid you have the option of live tv streaming (£21) as well as HD amongst other packages.

The "on demand" recordings are broken down into drama, film, TV program, music, sitcoms, news, others and covers all the popular chanels.  Each tab then has sub-headings.  For example in the music section you can filter the shows by concert, karaoke etc or the movies can be filtered by Thai or Asian films.

As we both use small netbooks, not ideal for watching TV, I simply bought a VGA cable which connects straight from the netbook to the LCD TV.  The quality is excellent and when connected up to the LCD it really is just like watching a normal TV.  This also means it is easy enough to watch in other rooms in the house (and for me to relegate the wife to the bedroom when I've had enough of the terrible Thai movies).


Selection and quantity of shows
Streaming quality
Keeps the wife happy and up to date with goings on in LOS


I've lost several hours of my life to some truly awful movies.  Hours I will never get back lol :-)



  1. If in London and your wife would like to buy some Thai magazines (they have all the main covers) or books, new and secondhand, there is a small Thai food shop and Book shop on Portobello Road, past all the main market stands just before the bridge on the left.

  2. Thanks Lloyd. We are a long way from London but will have to take a look if we are ever down for a weekend.

  3. Many countries in Asia have some truly awful movies and television -- at least that's how it looks to us with western eyes.

    --Peter P

  4. Some are so bad they're actually quite good...if that makes sense?