Monday, 27 February 2012

You know you're turning Thai when.......

  • You secretly can't wait for the next episode of your wife's favourite Lakhorn.  Even if you haven't got a clue whats going on......Eastenders & Corrie just no longer cut it!
  • You walk at half the pace you used to
  • You try to memorise your dreams before choosing the weeks lottery numbers
  • You feel like a movie without a ghost or guru is not worth watching
  • You can eat meals which normally you would have considered too hot but now have "no feeling"
  • You have worn a buddhist "good luck" string bracelet for years, want to take it off but just cant bring yourself to do it
  • You feel the urge to "wai" your parents when you go round for dinner
  • You can comfortably eat all of your meals on the living room floor....without feeling like an arthritic old man
  • It feels "cool" if the central heating has been on for anything less than 23hrs a day
  • You can eat EVERY part of a chicken, fish etc without gagging at the thought
Just a bit of fun and a few things I've noticed about myself.  Feel free to add a few of your own



  1. Steve I can relate to all the points you mention... hmmm....watching Thai soaps is pushing it a bit too far. The one that I think stands out is walking at a slower pace. That's the Buddhist influence and the easy paced way of life in Thailand.

    I don't think I could eat fish eyes.

  2. Thanks Martyn,

    "watching Thai soaps is pushing it a bit too far" - be honest you love them really?? :-)


  3. Very true, your take on things are interesting as you are new to "Asian" lifestyles, most of what you listed I take for granted but enjoy, well except the walking slowly and I never watch Thai soaps ;-)

    Last week me and my wife got 5 numbers and 2 Lucky picks in the Euromillions, pity it was over 2 draws, all because my wife changed the numbers after a dream.

  4. There is something about guys with Thai wives who don’t live in Thailand. They have their own take on all things Thai and you summarize some of the quirks that develop early on. For some these things fade, while for others they become exaggerated over time.

    You might consider it too personal but some insights as to what you have done right and done wrong in the adjustment process might be helpful to others thinking of doing the same thing. You were helpful in getting people through the paperwork but that is only the beginning of the story.

  5. You're turning Thai if you find yourself crouching down to eat, bottom on the backs of your ankles, rather than sitting on a chair. I don't know how they're able to do that, let alone find it preferable to a chair!